David Chapter 2: Love and Worship

A few months ago, there was a statement that spread like wildfire. It spread because it was funny, especially in this day and age. The statement was “I’m not a man for the preaching of love, I’m a war, I’m a fight…” Just looking at the words, they don’t seem funny, so I’m guessing the viral spread was based on the person who said the words and manner in which he said them.

If there ever was a man in the whole Bible who exemplified the phrase “I’m a war, I’m a fight”, it was David. From when he was a teenager, he had been involved in warfare. His first battle was with wild animals, and then he faced Goliath, and from then on became a young army leader who was almost always in the thick of battle. For a while, David was essentially a warlord and then progressed to become a warring king.

For a man who was a war and a fight, you would expect David to not be a preacher of love, wouldn’t you? That’s where the narrative comes to a screeching halt. Reading through the entire bible, you would be hard-pressed to find a man who loved God as unashamedly as he did.

In the Psalms, we see different sides of David. A frustrated fugitive, a man surrounded, a king rejoicing, a king mourning, and a king grateful for life. No matter which side was displayed, there was a theme of devotion to God. This devotion was often expressed as worship.

The worshipping of David is a thing to be studied. You could take the things David was saying to God outside the context of scriptures, and you would be forgiven for thinking a man was talking to his wife. In Psalms 132, he talks about discarding his comforts until he makes sure God is comfortable. Littered through the entire book, we see this same attitude.

And so, because he felt a deep love in his heart, it was easy for him to worship. For David, worship was him confessing his feelings to God. Feelings of love and gratitude. Even when he was frustrated, when he complained about his troubles, he always ended it extolling the goodness of God.

Imagine a man coming home after a long day to a woman he loves. She lights up his world with her gentle smile, and he just pours out his heart, telling her how much he loves her. David even when battered by life, looks up to the God who he loves so much and pours out his heart, telling God how much he loves him. Those confessions are what we read as the Psalms today

It was this and other things that God saw and called David a man after his own heart. That was one beautiful relationship.

Here’s the thing though, this ferocious love David had for God that made him such a worshipper was like a stream compared to the ocean of the love God had for David. David’s love was in response to the love God showed first.

Today, God has even intensified the love he is dishing out. So intense is this love that he gave his son, so we could be closer to him. And boy is this love intoxicating. It’s a totally reckless and completely wholesome kind of love, willing to go to the ends of the earth for us.

If you’re not experiencing this love yet, you’re missing a great deal. It’s very simple to experience, and it’s free too. All you need to do is accept it. He’s offering it on a platter. How do you accept it? Believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus died to bring this love to us, and he’s resurrected and waiting for everyone to embrace his gift.

Come on over and grab it. There’s an ocean of love waiting for you here.

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